Our commitment to Balayage starts at the very core of our salon, which is owned and operated by a certified L'Oreal Professional national balayage artist.

From the French word meaning to sweep or to paint, balayage is the free-hand technique in which hair color or lightener is swept or painted onto the individual hair strands to create ultra natural looking depth, lightness and dimension.  Balayage differs from many traditional highlighting methods (which rely on geometric placement, resulting in a strongly structured look) due to its more fluid application, which utilizes the hair's natural growth patterns to create the most organic and natural-looking results possible.  Because the end result is a softer dimensional root with more impactful color diffused color throughout the mind-lengths and ends, the service requires minimal maintenance and fewer visits to the salon, making it an essential style investment for many.
Suitable for all hair colors, and all textures, balayage truly emphasizes the shape and the lines of a great hair cut.  In addition, Balayage is an extremely versatile and highly customizable service that allows colorists to utilize their creativity to the fullest and maximize their artistic talent by creating a completely personalized signature look for every client, with the placement of every piece.  

Because the technique requires a high degree of skill that hasn't been widely taught until recent years (although it's been around since the late fifties) the pool of capable and authentic balayage artists is very very small.  To achieve a complete understanding of the art and the ability to competantly perform the service, an authentic artist will have trained for many years in the art of hair painting and will have made the commitment to complete the certification process, through an established institution.
With our commitment to balayage, we reccomend that any person interested in this exquisite art solicit only committed, qualified, and experienced institutions.

Partial painting 150 -185
with haircut 170 - 205

Full painting 160 -180
with haircut 190 - 225

Kerastase fusio treatment, with balayage, add 20
Smart Bond, with balayage, add 20
All highlight prices include toning or gloss, as well as finish and style



As Cape Cod's first and only ammonia-free salon, we proudly use L'Oreal INOA (Innovative No-Ammonia) permanent hair color.

What sets INOA apart from ammonia-reliant alternatives is INOA's patented oil-delivery system which achieves successful permanent results without relying on excessive and unnecessary chemical agents.  Traditionally ammonia has served as a preparatory agent that penetrates the the hair allowing it to swell so that the hair cuticle (the protective outer layer encasing each strand) will open enough in order to absorb the artificial pigment found in hair coloring products.  While very effective, regular use of ammonia can be extremely drying and cause irreversible damage to the hair cuticle, leaving it blown open and unable to hold the artificial pigment that has been deposited into the hair strands.  This results in fading, and hair that is dull-looking and dry.  In addition, products containing ammonia can be very irritating to the eyes, nose, and skin, in the form of a strong 'color' smell, or itching.  Unlike ammoniated products, INOA is completely free of odor, and very gentle on the scalp.
Because INOA utilizes a completely oil-based agent to gently open the hair cuticle the hair is left completely free of damage, and with healthy and natural-looking beautiful results.

Single Process 65 or 70
with haircut 100 or 105

Single process and accent highlighting 140 -165
with haircut 180 - 205

(Hairline, partial, or full. All highlighting services include toning gloss)

Kerastase fusio treatment, with color, add 20
Smart Bond, with color, add 20

All haircoloring prices include finish and style


Design and Styling

Haircut with finish 45
Blowdry 35 - 50
Formal styling 80 - 130

Kerastase fusio treatment, add 20